Vocabulaire anglais / économie, politique, société, économie, politique, société
Armand Colin
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Vocabulaire anglais / économie, politique, société

économie, politique, société


Armand Colin


A?>PART 1?>A1 Observe the translations of the following adjectives :mesurablemeasurablepréférable (à qqch)preferable (to sth)disponible [revenu]disposablediscutable, contestablequestionable, debatablerenouvelablerenewableimposable [revenu]taxableIn the same way, you can form the translations of :évitable • utilisable • compréhensible • conseillé • sur qui l'on peut compterCan you find them ?A2 Observe the translations of the following adjectives :impensableunthinkableintraduisibleuntranslatableinhabitableuninhabitableinsoluble [question]unsolvableAll the following translations are formed in the same way, with the prefix UN- and the suffix -ABLE :inévitable • indéniable • imprévisible • incontestable • inutilisableTry and find them.A3 Can you spell the names of the following European countries correctly (and the corresponding adjectives) ?la Belgique, belge • la Suisse, suisse • l'Autriche, autrichien • la Norvège, norvégien • la Suède, suédois • le Danemark, danois • la Grèce, grec • les Pays-Bas, néerlandaisA4 Use the nouns STUDY, REPORT, INQUIRY and POLL to fill in the blanks. Then translate them.1 A recent public opinion ....................... suggests that smoking habits are changing in this country.2 A public ....................... into the disaster was carried out a month later.3 The commission's ....................... recommends stricter measures against skinhead violence.4 Professor King's extensive ....................... shows the current policies could result in more unemployment.A5 Look at the following definitions. Can you translate the words that are underlined ?1 An executive is someone who is employed by a business at a senior level.2 If you buy shares in a company, as an investment for example, a part of that company belongs to you.3 An incentive is something that encourages you to do something.4 If you postpone a meeting, you arrange for it to take place at a later time than was originally planned.5 If you register something, such as the name of someone who has just died, or your admission to a university, you have these facts recorded on an official list.A6 Observe the following translations : they are all based on the root-word LEAD. Try to remember them.dirigeant, chefleaderdirigeants [parti, syndicat]leaders, leadershippersonnalité de premier planleading figureéditorial [n]leading article, leadinduire en erreur, trompermisleadtrompeurmisleadingprendre la direction (mouvement)take the leadêtre en têtebe in the leadA7 Choose from DOWN, FOR, FROM, OUT and UP to form ‘phrasal verbs'. Use each of them once only.1 Now that you've read the article twice, you could sum it ....................... in English.2 When I suggested buying a new photocopier, they pointed ..... to me that we didn't have the money.3 After the manager refused to increase their wages some workers called ....................... a strike.4 It is obvious that right-wing parties benefited ....................... the divisions in the left.5 He was asked to step ....................... after several members had declared they didn't support him any more. A8 Observe the translations of the following adjectives :honteuxshamefulsoigneuxcarefulnuisible, nocifharmfulincertain, douteuxdoubtfulfidèlefaithfulCan you find the translations of :utile • douloureux • qui réussit • pacifique • illégal ?A9 Observe the following adjectives :sans abrihomelesssans fondement [affirmation]groundlesssans valeurworthlessau chômagejoblessinnombrablecountlessTry to find the translations of :indolore • inutile • négligent, imprudent • sans enfant [couple]A10 The verb RAISE has several meanings. Can you find six French verbs to translate it in the following sentences ?1 I think Labour would have to raise taxation if it was to introduce all these social programmes.2 Some farmers in this area raise cattle ; others raise corn.3 I wouldn't dare to mention the subject myself, but you can raise the problem if you wish.4 The sanctions will be raised as soon as there is evidence that torture is no longer used in prisons.5 The old-age lobby plans to raise funds for a new advertising campaign.A11 The translations of the following words or expressions are all ADVERBS ending with the suffix compound -ABLY :probablementprobablyremarquablementremarkablynotablement, notammentnotablyinexplicablementinexplicably, unaccountablyCan you translate :de façon compréhensible • de préférence • de façon appréciable ? PART 2?>Use only words or expressions from Part 1
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